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Lots going on behind the scenes here, not just screenwriting. While there’s still a new movie script in progress, I feel pretty good about the amount of screenplays I can pitch, and the variety of genres. So, when I got a chance to step away from the INT/EXT for a bit, pounding out a new horror tale was what I assume getting high is like. (Yeah, world’s biggest square here).

We’re going to be getting more new stuff up soon, I’ll certainly be beating the drum about that as they’re ready for release, but the one I’m currently wrapped up in is starting to look like it’s going to be longer than I expected, probably in the 7K-10K word range, so that’s gonna be much more substantial for you short story fans who like it a little meatier.

And, finally (for the moment, anyway), we’re rebranding the publishing biz end o’ things, so here’s a sneak peek at a mock-up of the new logo design. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as we ramp up the prose side for a while!

Logo - blood splatter with the words Fright Unseen Productions, stacked. Claw tips come out, holding the edges of the T and N.

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