To Think, I Remember Actual Film…

Ok, I don’t usually do these things, but, there are so many going around, thought I’d join in. 

Post the 3rd picture on your roll and the results of a GOOGLE search for ‘Art’ with only the first letter of your last name.

Polaroid with a blacked out picture

Here’s a shot I took of me and the Mona Lisa from my trip to Paris, where I got thrown out of the Louvre a couple years ago. Hey, I’m blind, how was I supposed to know you can’t walk up and touch the Venus de Milo? And, that police report is false—I was not trying to cop a feel! Anyway, never liked the Mona Lisa and have zero appreciation for it, which is why I look unimpressed and the sorta-kinda chick in the painting can only smirk.

On to another one. “Please Brighten Our Day With the 7th Pic In Your Camera Roll—No Description!”

black rectangle

Okay, sorry this one’s a little suggestive and NSFW, but…no one’s working anyway, so figured why not?

Next up… Now, this one’s a little strange, but, ehh… “Post the 7th picture in your favorite gallery, and the first letter of your first name and the food that begins with it! That’s your survival food for quarrantine, Go!”

black rectangle

Well, this is me hanging out with John F. Kennedy, about half an hour before he told me he hadda run, he had a limo to catch. Why this goes along with ‘Jenny McCarthy’, I don’t know, but toldja, I don’t usually participate in these things. And finally:

Share the 2nd pic in your roll, Google your initials and ‘Apocalypse Costume’ and the street you lived on when you were born!”

black rectangle

Pic of me running behind an alligator, chasing it off my property. He’s small, maybe a 9 footer, but you don’t want to let ‘em hang around and get comfortable. And, if you’re wondering, yes, all I’m doing is singing to it (Luckily I wasn’t arrested for animal abuse. With the new laws, I’d’ve been facing felony charges.)  My Apocalypse Costume is the mask from Friday the 13th (Jason’s Mask) and 130th. So, I guess somehow this gibberish translates into me having some sort of innate ability to chase gators using a horror movie mask until the 130th Armored Division shows up in these COVIDisastrous times. And, now that I’m in on this…For next time, am I supposed to take my phone out of it’s holster before snapping away?

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