Return of the Air Fryer

Joe Monks and an Air Fryer

After having it a coupla years, and Pam using it twice, finally decided to try putting the air fryer to work. (Tnx to Billy & Tommy Martindale for the prompt, they’ve been using theirs a lot, & Catherine Rose Hoffman’s been posting about hers and Josh’s experiences, so , the blind guy wanted in). 

First up… Nacho Chicken Fries. (I’d gotten some coconut shrimp, but this was handy at the front of the freezer). Verdict? No question, a victory. Adds another option when Pam’s out of town (like she is now, and may be for some time), gives the toaster oven a break, and cooks fast. Not 100% sure, but think I may need to cook things a tiny bit longer, as they seemed to cool off fast, but was sticking to the minimum to avoid burning the things. Very happy. Next up, probably the coconut shrimp, and after that? Time to start experimenting! #CanIMakeABurgerInThisThing

P.S. The nacho chicken fries are Yummy brand, and if anyone sees a coupon for those bad boys in the BJs book, pls tip Sir Sightless off!

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