Joe at BackStreets in Cape Coral, September 2020


Nope, that is not a doctored pic of me at BackStreets from 2019 with a mask Photoshopped on. Pam had dart playoffs, and I hadn’t worked remote in a while (a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng while), so I packed up my gear and we headed out. Not only got a ton of work done, got a Jamaican 10-speed double to help pass the time between diet sodas. French Dip & onion rings rounded out the festivities. Was outstanding just being able to hang out again, even staying in a corner and keeping it to some fist bumps. Lots of new menu items, and the Nachos platter goes LIVE today, so head on up to try ‘em out. Me? I may have to wait ‘til next week. Maybe…

Joe at BackStreets, September 2020. He's wearing a bacon-themed mask, sunglasses and headphones as he types on a keyboard.

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