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New eBook: The Thirteen

Okay, enough teasing: The new ebook is out and over on Amazon. New imprint, new logo, and finally, new fiction. Several more to come, as well,  including one that’s likely to cross the 12K word mark, so that one’s pretty substantial.

Today, though, is all about THE THIRTEEN. The tale hits all the creepypasta buttons, while bringing all the twists and bits of foreshadowing I enjoy weaving in, so it won’t fit the niche like a puzzle piece, but…I’m not known for cookie-cutter storytelling.

If you want a quick teaser, here:

A young girl goes apartment hunting in Manhattan, desperate to find a place she can afford. A friend from class doesn’t live too far, but, it’s not uptown by any stretch. Our gal, though, has troubles she’s running from, and decides: This neighborhood isn’t so bad. Working class. Largely immigrants. Who cares if no one will talk to her? the place is nice. Well…nice enough… And, at least it has an elevator.

And so, there you have it. If you do check it out, please leave a review and comment, even if it isn’t your thing. Feel free to come back here and weigh in, I put this one out to some beta readers but always appreciate your feedback. Hope you’re all staying safe and staying well, more horrors to come, promise.

Cover to The Thirteen. An old high rise apartment building that looks nearly abandoned

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