If Yer Gonna Be A Stickler About it

A St. Paddy's Day Birthday

So, technically Dad’s birthday. You know, only in the legal, state and official documents department, considering it came a few minutes after midnight, though as the story goes, he beat the clock but the nurse on duty was late getting back to the desk to file it. Whatever, most years, it was St. Paddy’s Day/birthday yesterday and cards & cake today. Most years. Wish there were more o’ those to be had, but, can’t turn the shillelagh on the pub clock back. Doing my B-day late means there’s leftover cake inside, and, who knows? Perhaps I’ll find me way to it later. (Who’m I kidding? Even Mouse wouldn’t find anything to lick off that plate after I get done with it, lads.) 2020, and things’re pretty nutty down here, Dad, hope your birthday upstairs lived up to it.

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