Virtually empty bag of Wild Berry Cherry Vanilla incense and an empty box of kitchen matches, next to a laptop.

How Busy’s it Been Lately?

Already know the answer? If not, here’s a hint: That bag of incense cones wasn’t open until mid-June, and only because I was going through incense sticks in that same scent like they had an expiration date.

Also, my backup-backup office chair (yup, I’m the kind of writer who understands the need for two such pieces of furniture) is in trouble, and tomorrow I’m going to WalMart and Target to try and hunt down a stadium cushion—one of those squares you can bring with you to the ball game, in the hopes it’ll extend the life of this chair. I’ve known for almost 2 years that I need a new chair. My last one collapsed under me mid-keystroke. Pam learned it had been recalled, though we never got any notification (sure glad we always register our new office products, huh?), but now? Now it’s time, and all because in the las months, I’ve written a novella (I stopped guessing how much time I’d spent on it after the 300 hour mark) 2 original short stories, a couple of articles for Medium, and 2 reworks of older stories that had previously been published, but required some updates.  (Stories written prior to the existence of smartphones? Yeah, that’s a biggie…) So, roughly 50K words on those efforts, and currently another 4K into a new project that looked like it could be a short, but may fit better as a longer piece. Who knows? In pieces, may work as several short stories better than chapters, but, no rush. Pam’s already got plenty to edit and do cover designs for.  😊

If you didn’t know, ASHES, one of the pieces mentioned above, is currently available exclusively on Kindle, and centers on Walt, an elderly Navy vet, content living out his days in a nursing home, when a chance thrift store purchase provides him an opportunity to right a wrong that took his best friend decades earlier. But, can he really turn back the clock? Can he reach that far away port-of-call in the Pacific? And if he makes it, can he deliver the payback he’s been dreaming about all these years? Cover illo by Mike Koneful (Zacherley’s Midnight Terrors, Gory Lori) w/a cameo by the blind guy.

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