The Guillotrine by Joe Monks

Hmnnn, what shall I call this fine invention?

Recently, I banged into the toilet paper roll holder thing in the bathroom and took it down. While not happy about this, I’m male. It was not a dire emergency. So, after 3 months, I covered the hole in the sheetrock with duct tape, and continued using the roll I had standing on the vanity next to the commode.

Still, I’m blind. On the occasion the blind reach for the roll of toilet paper standing on the vanity next to the commode that’s less than half full, that roll tends to topple much easier than when brand new. As you might imagine, by the 5th month of this, I decided to take action. To do something to fix this problem!

The result? The Guillatrine. Timing’s perfect, too, because Halloween is coming and it goes with the d├ęcor in my bathroom (Pam doesn’t use this one), which includes a Halloween shower curtain year-’round, black towels and now…this. Yeah, it’s got some rough edges. I just banged it together with Billy the other day from scrap wood, but you can see, the concept is there. (And, I could use it as a stepstool should I need to change a bulb in there, assuming that someone ever told me that chore needed doing).

A tall, naked wood toilet paper dispenser. The roll is placed at the top, and a block with a hole in it is at the bottom.
The Guillotrine – Designed & made by the blind guy

Bet if I threw a little paint on the sides and dipped a brush in some red and dabbed that on the head-holding board, and stuck an action figure in there… Ehh, who knows? Maybe it’ll be available for sale next Halloween. Far better than one of those $49 wire stands that you can knock over just brushing against it. If you wanna get one now, though, and avoid the rush? Pam can send you a link to pre-order, and then just take your card and wipe.

Swipe! I meant swipe!

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