Joe Monks birthday celebration

Uh, back in February, wasn’t it? Yep, sure was, but, Pam was out of town helping with her dad, then she got back and worked for 9 straight days on PRIDE Cape Coral (Hey, all my gay friends—see? I even delayed my birthday for you, bitches!)—so we finally celebrated, since (again) Pam’s schedule got squeezed like O.J. on the 405 North, and she’s headed back to NY. Still, good time, great food (the Stramenboli casserole recipe I posted on FB the other day? Go check it out to feel like you were here), & a killer homemade chocolate cake w/peanut butter frosting. (Also homemade). And really, waiting? No big deal. Yesterday looked the same on the calendar to me as Feb. 21. : )


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