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In 3 words: Been a while.

I’ve released a lot of ebooks over the years, but in general, the ebook market’s quite flooded and I’m not the kind of person who goes around on SM tagging fellow authors begging them to share my link/links, and the ‘tools’ Amazon gives you to promote are laughable. 

It’s not like I stopped writing stories, though, despite all the time I’ve been devoting to screenplay work, so with the new logo set, I’ll be releasing new work for the first time in a couple of years, while also putting out material other publishing houses have run, now that the rights have reverted back to me. Not sure exactly when the first one’ll be up, but I’ll be posting about it here and on my SM sites, so if you aren’t already connected with me on Facebook or Twitter or are seeing this as a SHARE, that info’s below.

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