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On Target

When I’m writing a screenplay (well, anything, really), I don’t pay attention to anything but getting the story on paper, and then worrying about the details. Among them, the page count/run time. As I’ve been posting about lately, the banging away’s been constant the past 3 weeks on this one, and I finally wrapped it earlier this week. Last night, since I’ve been using the new laptop and I don’t even have the right font installed, Pam got to do the file conversion, taking my WORD doc into Final Draft (still useless to me, unfortunately, and they still can’t explain why) and back out.

My worries were significantly eased when my seemingly-bloated draft came in at 107 pages. I still have a bit of tightening up to do, but there’s also this. It’s a ghost story, and those tend to run a little long because you have to rough out what the ghosts are doing. Thus, thrilled with where this one’s at in such a short time. Hope to get it in front of two actors over the weekend, and maybe even figuring out some locations. More soon.

‘The Hidden’

While cinematic endeavors continue, including wrapping up a new horror screenplay to pitch to studios who don’t just want remakes, here’s the recently-promised short story for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. As always, comments welcome, reviews on Amazon greatly appreciated. #ShriekOn –JM

Cover to The Hidden by Joseph M. MonksAbout “The Hidden”:

When a procurer of rare occult paraphernalia is found with his eyes gouged out and his fingers amputated, NYPD detective Danni Locke finds herself investigating a murder that puts her in the crosshairs of a fanatical voodoo sect and their wealthy financier. Who are The Hidden, and what is the religious artifact they seek? How many corpses will they ring up in order to fulfill their goals? With the help of Luke Greene (Torn to Pieces) and a Lieutenant willing to throw the book out the window in order to bring the killers to justice, “The Hidden” introduces all-new characters to Joseph M. Monks’ NYPD universe: The kind of cops you want on the case when the crimes are truly unspeakable.

Available for the Kindle or Kindle app for just 99-cents. Get your copy now.

Doing it backwards.

Got a tip about a company looking for scripts based on existing work (novels, short stories, comic books, etc.). Unfortunately, while I have plenty of all of those things sitting around, I don’t have a script for a feature based on something already-published.

“Damn,” thought I, having to pass on the opportunity. “Gotta fix that.”

So, looks like I might take one of my existing scripts and turn it into a novel. Sort of doing it backwards, I know, but I love the screenplay
(it’s a bloody ’80s horror flick brought to life), and I think it’d make a
great book. Plus, heck, I don’t even have to outline the thing—it’s already a script. What better outline could I ask for?

Got a couple of short stories I have to wrap up first, but could very well be that the next book project is nailed down. Will keep you
updated as progress continues, but in the meantime, check out my new anthology, Grave Choices. It has stories collected from other books that I have the rights to again, some neat comic book stuff with the prose versions of those stories, and a bunch of brand new material, including the novella, “Morland”. More on the new writing projects soon.

Blind Filmmaker’s Anthology Tackles Hard Choices

Domestic abuse, infidelity, betrayal, gang violence among themes examined in new collection

(CAPE CORAL, FL) Joseph M. Monks knows a thing or two about packing his fiction with a punch. Recognized as a splatterpunk forerunner for his work on the underground cult comic CRY FOR DAWN, Monks’ work has been used as course material in college classrooms; he’s been a featured lecturer on writing and horror at international conventions; over 13 million copies of his stories are currently in print and he’s broken barriers previously unchallenged-the world’s first blind film director, and an award-winner at that.

Grave Choices, Monks’ third anthology, covers a myriad of current-event topics, spanning fantasy, urban decay, supernatural horror, murder-for-hire and more. The overarching theme, as the title suggests, is hard decisions, and naturally, their consequences.

“Everyone makes tough choices,” says Monks. “That’s something we all share. Sometimes, they affect you for the rest of your life, often in a bad way. Using that as the genesis for the book allowed me to explore any subject I wanted, which is what makes this one so diverse.”

Grave Choices is available on Kindle through Media Services Innovations, Inc., and will be released for Nook in the Fall.

[Media: To request a review copy, set up an interview, or for more information about Monks or his work, please e-mail publicist Billy Martindale at: pr @ mediasi . com]