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Another Outlet Makes History

Never before had a blind filmmaker directed a feature film. There’ve been some other handicapped filmmakers, most notably Christopher Reeve, who directed from a wheelchair after his tragic accident, but.a guy who can’t see?

History was made when I succeeded in not only completing The Bunker, but in getting multiple distribution deals. We’re streaming in Europe. We’ve got deals in Asia. The film is available on DVD in the U.S. through a number of retail outlets, and now?

Now history is being made on IPTV as The Bunker premieres on Halloween night, running through November 6th, for free. Yep, you read that right. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Only thing it’ll cost you if you want that true theatre experience is some popcorn.

Visit CommodityFilms.com any time beginning on Halloween, or pick a day during the following week, and you can check out a flick that, quite literally, broke new filmmaking ground. Then, come on back and let us know what you thought. You’ve got a whole week. No excuses! 


That’s what a couple of cowards and whiners were doing last night, after I found out that a photo taken during my film shoot for The Bunker was being used without my permission. Not only that, but to hype the radio program Hart D.  Fisher (he of Hart Attack slander), has running on some internet radio station. Of course, since we’ve had to take similar actions against Hart in the past for copyright violations (and Facebook complied immediately), I wasn’t surprised when this latest infringement came down within a couple of hours.

That wasn’t where it ended, though. Apparently, Hart ran and cried to the ill-informed Josh Hadley, who immediately got all paranoid, suggesting that I’m behind efforts to have him ‘banned’ from Facebook. I posted this on FB, but if it scrolled off your timeline, I’ll say the same thing here: Josh, when I come for you, you’ll know it. I won’t be secretive. I haven’t bothered with you yet, save to reply to your lie on my YouTube channel, screen-capped for posterity…and my attorney. Think I’m lying about my representation? Her initials are M.G. Ask your buddy Hart. He’s taken steps to avoid the 2nd C&D notice she sent him, to the point he didn’t pick up his mail for 2 weeks so it’d be sent back. Not that that sort of thing works when you get in front of a judge, but hey, he deserves an A for effort. Must suck having to hide in your office all day whenever the doorbell rings, though.

Eventually, I’ll be exposing every lie told on your program concerning my film. If you have any doubts, visit: http://www.joemonks.com/blog/time-to-put-up/ Yes, that’s a real affidavit. And yes, I have more. A lot more. Because, as you can see, I make it a point to be able to back up whatever I say online. Which is what I’ll do for you right now.

The actors in question? Charles Devos and Ms. Veronique. Here are their model releases:

click for larger
click for larger

See who they’re made out to? Sight Unseen Pictures. See when they’re dated? 2006, which was when I went out to L.A. to shoot them for my film.


Here’s the latest trailer, so you can match up those two parties and their wardrobe:


If you guys are going to continue making libelous claims, how’s this? I just give you my attorney’s e-mail address, and you can alert her  whenever you post ’em—instead of chickening out and taking down the post, or making it private, or otherwise trying to cover your tracks. Fair enough? If you guys want to whine about me protecting my copyright, here’s a suggestion. Do your own work, create your own graphics, get your own model releases, and stop riding my coattails. You think it’s a coincidence Hart chose this image, featuring an actor he hates, just before my film is released overseas? C’mon, you can’t be that clueless. Is Hart so lazy that he needs to recycle images from a project he made a big deal about “walking away” from five years ago? That’s the best he’s got? A picture from my film shoot from that far back???

Well, then again…maybe it is.

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