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Seeing is Believering

For the hardcore among you, yes, that’s Margaret Cerniglia, veteran of the remake of the ill-fated “Chance Meeting” (now the pilot episode for Redemption, a series I occasionally pitch when I get a tip about a production company looking for something like X-Files or Medium). Margaret, who also got gored-up in my opening spot for the Latin Horror Film Festival in NY, will be starring in a short entitled: “The Believers”. (Thus explaining my crappy blog title.)

Shaun Miller and Margaret Cerniglia in The Believers.

Appearing with Margaret will be Faded Roots frontman Shaun Miller (above, left), JD Hoffman and our friends in The Crank Ups, who performed live for our shoot at BackStreets Sports Bar in Cape Coral, and other members of the growing Sight Unseen Pictures family as we kidnap them and drag them into my movies. (Kidnap victims are fed well, so if you’re missing someone and their last FB message was to me, please don’t file charges just yet.) More to come, so keep a lookout.