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‘The Hidden’

While cinematic endeavors continue, including wrapping up a new horror screenplay to pitch to studios who don’t just want remakes, here’s the recently-promised short story for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. As always, comments welcome, reviews on Amazon greatly appreciated. #ShriekOn –JM

Cover to The Hidden by Joseph M. MonksAbout “The Hidden”:

When a procurer of rare occult paraphernalia is found with his eyes gouged out and his fingers amputated, NYPD detective Danni Locke finds herself investigating a murder that puts her in the crosshairs of a fanatical voodoo sect and their wealthy financier. Who are The Hidden, and what is the religious artifact they seek? How many corpses will they ring up in order to fulfill their goals? With the help of Luke Greene (Torn to Pieces) and a Lieutenant willing to throw the book out the window in order to bring the killers to justice, “The Hidden” introduces all-new characters to Joseph M. Monks’ NYPD universe: The kind of cops you want on the case when the crimes are truly unspeakable.

Available for the Kindle or Kindle app for just 99-cents. Get your copy now.