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On Target

When I’m writing a screenplay (well, anything, really), I don’t pay attention to anything but getting the story on paper, and then worrying about the details. Among them, the page count/run time. As I’ve been posting about lately, the banging away’s been constant the past 3 weeks on this one, and I finally wrapped it earlier this week. Last night, since I’ve been using the new laptop and I don’t even have the right font installed, Pam got to do the file conversion, taking my WORD doc into Final Draft (still useless to me, unfortunately, and they still can’t explain why) and back out.

My worries were significantly eased when my seemingly-bloated draft came in at 107 pages. I still have a bit of tightening up to do, but there’s also this. It’s a ghost story, and those tend to run a little long because you have to rough out what the ghosts are doing. Thus, thrilled with where this one’s at in such a short time. Hope to get it in front of two actors over the weekend, and maybe even figuring out some locations. More soon.