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Hey gang-the new Sight Unseen INSIDER is up (yeah, yeah, I know, about
time). In it, I cover the recent trip to Los Angeles to get the necessary
footage reshot to complete The Bunker, my casting choices, the elimination
of a wraparound sequence in favor of one (reasonably) linear storyline, and
who’s now handling the film look and various post-production details. I’ve
got an award-winning filmmaker handling the final sound mix and engineering,
a post house that’s also taken home some hardware at award ceremonies for
their creative work, my composer is putting the finishing touches on the
last ninety seconds of score to round out the flick, and then it’s into the
hands of my distributor and off to several festivals-both foreign and

Thanks to all the folks who pledged and helped out via Kickstarter, or who’ve
been buying our merch from the online store. This, folks, is what your money’s
been going to, and trust me, every penny’s being well-spent. Check out the
latest Sight Unseen INSIDER here:

More announcements comin’!

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A brief scare

And luckily, not much of one. Still, gave us a moment or two of concern this

Had to go over to my parents’ today, celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. It’d
been put off from last week ’cause her kids were sick, and since I was out
of town for most of the week, it came down to today to get us all together.

So, this morning, I’m trying to wrap up some final stuff from the reshoot.
Organizing some paperwork, shelving the props, unpacking the final few items
from my laptop and camera case, etc. After removing all my tape stock, my
various chargers and flotsam, I discover that the actual mini DV tape isn’t
where I expected it to be. I’m talking *the* key tape from the reshoot. The
main footage.

The good thing, I reminded myself as I scoured my laptop bag, (in case it’d
gotten stuck in there instead)-was that after we shot the footage on
Tuesday, I had the good sense to have the tape captured, so that Eric and I
weren’t transporting the only copy with us. In the event anything went
wrong, baggage got lost or destroyed, whatever, it made sense for us to dump
the tape to a drive before headin’ home.

Things turned out fine, however. Stuffed between foam layers in the camera
case-literally the last possible option for it to have been-was the tape.
Well-protected, in fine shape. Eric and I had a good chuckle over that,
having spoken earlier in the day about when he’d be coming out to do the
editing necessary to insert the footage into the final cut.

So, all ended well. But it did remind me that sometimes (more often than not
I’d say), it pays to be a bit of a megalomaniac. I pay attention to detail
to the point of being anal about it. But it’s served me well. And I think
that’ll be evident when you guys get to see the final product. We’ve done a
lot with a little, and the closer we get to release, the happier I am that I
always gave myself room to work out of a bind if necessary. Trust me…the
wiggle-room? I used every millimeter of it!

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Kickstarter Update: Bunker reshoot

In two words: it’s done. Yep, after multiple reschedulings, the difficulties
inherent in getting cast members and necessary crew together at the same
time, travel planning nightmares, etc., things worked out as I’d hoped and
all hurdles were overcome. I bolted out of town this past Monday to wrap
things up, and the trip couldn’t have gone much better.

Despite a not-altogether thrilling travel experience (boy have plane aisles
gotten narrower!), and hubbing thru frigid Detroit (which is everything the
Kentucky Fried Movie makes it out to be), we got in, got things done, and
got ’em done right. I returned home yesterday morning around 5 a.m., the
final footage in hand.

A big chunk o’ the Kickstarter change went toward this key element of
production, so everyone who threw a buck or two our way, rest assured, every
penny’s being well-spent. I’m targeting mid-February to have the last scenes
and pickup shots cut in and lock the edit. After that, we’ll lay in score
and Eric’ll knock out the final sound mix. (Him hauling that huge mic and
boom pole onto the plane sure was a conversation starter.)

I plan to make some announcements this coming week. About how
post-production is going, about some new folks we brought into the fold for
the reshoot, about where we stand with our music licensing company, etc. But
for right now, I’ve been playing catch-up all day, and just wanted to bang
this out so folks would know the reason for the virtual silence the past
five days. As soon as the new Sight Unseen INSIDER’s cut, you’ll be privy to
the first of the upcoming announcements. ‘Til then…

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‘Short’ notice

The printer’s spooling pages of the new script, and the smell of hot toner
is in the air. Ahhh…

I’ve had this script for a short sitting in a drawer forever, and now that
The Bunker should be wrapped up by the middle of February, I e-pulled it out
and virtually dusted it off, bringing it up to date and polishing it. Needed
to make some changes, but it’s still the same story, mostly the same
dialogue and I even found a way to squeeze in another effects shot or two
(which oughta make the Fango and Rue Morgue readers happy).

I’ve already confirmed an award-winning F/X artist for the project, and plan
to talk to two actors who expressed interest in it when I first brought up
the possibility of doing a short last summer. Going to try and hand-deliver
one script tomorrow if a friend is around, and the other’s going in the
mail. Fortunately, that actress is in-state, so she should have it by
Monday and be able to give it a look-see during the week.

And that’s what’s happenin’ on this end. Got another freelance in the
pipeline, and been putting in 10+ hours at the keyboard per day for the past
five or six days now, so eager to get back to the creative stuff. Probably
do some more bloggin’ over the next couple of days, as it looks like The
Bunker reshoot is coming together, and I should be able to lock down dates
and travel plans soon. More on that when it’s firmed up.

Enjoy your weekends!

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