Fright Unseen Volumes I-IV

Fright Unseen Volumes I – IV

  • All four titles in print form, signed by the author

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Volume I: ASHES

Walt’s content living out his days, the Berwick retirement home the final stop on a journey that’s taken him to faraway island paradises—and the seediest dives in the Pacific. Now, a chance visit to a local thrift shop has awakened something deep inside, bringing with it a terrifying link to the past. As the nights grow restless and memories from a long-ago port of call haunt his dreams, Walt realizes that everything in life comes with a price.

And, if you’re willing to pay, one last chance at revenge.


“The Thirteen”

The thirteenth floor. Many buildings don’t have one. Often, architects choose to skip it, and—hopefully—avoid the bad luck associated with the number. But what if you’re desperate? What if you need to find a place, and the only one you can afford turns out to have one? At least…sometimes?

“Still Searching”

Everywhere has divisions. Manhattan’s East side and West side, for instance. Run-down apartment complexes where it’s best not to linger after dark. The homes on the pretty side of the river…and those old, dilapidated Victorians on the other side. In some places, though, it’s not so obvious. Perhaps the line is nothing more than a creek. A footbridge in an old urban legend. And often, those divisions run deeper than any man-made separation, making crossing over… tricky. It can open doors…or seal them forever. It can be an awakening. Or a terrifying revelation. And sometimes? It can be downright tragic. Especially if you’re the one still searching…


When a couple camping in the woods run across a lost toddler in the middle of the night, the search is on. Billie and Karen are desperate to find the girl’s parents and the campsite she wandered away from. When the little girl takes off, however, and leaves Billie and Karen running through the woods in nothing but socks and underwear, the ladies find themselves in uncharted territory, and things get quite uncomfortable when they discover the child has more secrets than either of them could ever have imagined. Contains both the original prose version and the comic book story, illustrated by Harry Roland (The Night Stalker, For The Troops).


With New York City hit hard by the pandemic, Doug, a comic book artist, takes his doctor’s advice and heads for the mountains, retreating to a family property in the Adirondacks to ride things out. Unfortunately, what lurks in the woods surrounding his Uncle’s farmhouse is far deadlier than the disease-ravaged streets of Manhattan. Something on the mountain is hungry…and it’s been waiting for Douglas to come home for a long, long time.