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Not the news I needed tonight…

The Gambler...

This was not the news I needed tonight (3:58am as I write this). Dad went into the Army to get out of his house, because his stepmom was a bitch and he had had enough. So, he joined the military, became a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne, and served for four years. He did all his service in the South, and as you might imagine, did so with a lot of good ol’ boys, spending many a weekend at some Kentucky or Tennessee hole-in-the-wall honkey tonk. Thus, Dad liked country music, and brought a liking for some of those classic artists back up North with him when he got discharged.

I heard a lot of Kenny Rogers growing up. When we went to Sunny Hill in upstate New York? Rogers was a listening staple. Kenny Rogers albums and cassettes and yes, eventually CDs were perfect birthday or Xmas gifts. Can’t count the number of times Jimmy Capo played “The Gambler” with our parents singing along at night outside the rooms where the adults had set up their mini bar. Ahh, the Grimstad.

Hearing that the gambler broke even tonight soured my mood immeasurably. Don’t think there’s enough incense in SWFL to burn away my mood, and I’ve been returning to the screenplay and plugging away as hard as I can, but…it’s hard. Especially with it being the week of Dad’s birthday. Real hard. So, all I can say is, Rest well, Brewster Baker. Thanks for all the killer tunes. You and I alone need know when I last sang “The Gambler…” out loud, and how much I appreciate that tune.


Return of the Air Fryer

Joe Monks and an Air Fryer

After having it a coupla years, and Pam using it twice, finally decided to try putting the air fryer to work. (Tnx to Billy & Tommy Martindale for the prompt, they’ve been using theirs a lot, & Catherine Rose Hoffman’s been posting about hers and Josh’s experiences, so , the blind guy wanted in). 

First up… Nacho Chicken Fries. (I’d gotten some coconut shrimp, but this was handy at the front of the freezer). Verdict? No question, a victory. Adds another option when Pam’s out of town (like she is now, and may be for some time), gives the toaster oven a break, and cooks fast. Not 100% sure, but think I may need to cook things a tiny bit longer, as they seemed to cool off fast, but was sticking to the minimum to avoid burning the things. Very happy. Next up, probably the coconut shrimp, and after that? Time to start experimenting! #CanIMakeABurgerInThisThing

P.S. The nacho chicken fries are Yummy brand, and if anyone sees a coupon for those bad boys in the BJs book, pls tip Sir Sightless off!

If Yer Gonna Be A Stickler About it

A St. Paddy's Day Birthday

So, technically Dad’s birthday. You know, only in the legal, state and official documents department, considering it came a few minutes after midnight, though as the story goes, he beat the clock but the nurse on duty was late getting back to the desk to file it. Whatever, most years, it was St. Paddy’s Day/birthday yesterday and cards & cake today. Most years. Wish there were more o’ those to be had, but, can’t turn the shillelagh on the pub clock back. Doing my B-day late means there’s leftover cake inside, and, who knows? Perhaps I’ll find me way to it later. (Who’m I kidding? Even Mouse wouldn’t find anything to lick off that plate after I get done with it, lads.) 2020, and things’re pretty nutty down here, Dad, hope your birthday upstairs lived up to it.


Me and Dad, early 2000s

Bit rough today. Expected to be up at BackStreets as Pam and I have been for the last 7 years, listening to the bagpipers and doing a shot for Dad’s birthday. Things’re a little crazy, though, and she’ll be on the way to New York to be with her dad. Still, despite her missing out on corned beef & cabbage and both of us missing out on a drink and the live music, it’ll be all right. At some point I’ll drag my sorry ass away from the keyboard, convince myself to eat, and raise a toast. Leaving it unplanned, though. Y’know how it goes—the luck o’ the Irish’ll take care of things.