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Nope, that is not a doctored pic of me at BackStreets from 2019 with a mask Photoshopped on. Pam had dart playoffs, and I hadn’t worked remote in a while (a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng while), so I packed up my gear and we headed out. Not only got a ton of work done, got a Jamaican 10-speed double to help pass the time between diet sodas. French Dip & onion rings rounded out the festivities. Was outstanding just being able to hang out again, even staying in a corner and keeping it to some fist bumps. Lots of new menu items, and the Nachos platter goes LIVE today, so head on up to try ‘em out. Me? I may have to wait ‘til next week. Maybe…

Joe at BackStreets, September 2020. He's wearing a bacon-themed mask, sunglasses and headphones as he types on a keyboard.

I’ll Never Forget…But Many People Are

Like many, I can remember like it was yesterday. Still had one working eye. Was getting dressed when Pam called me into the living room to tell me a plane had hit the World Trade Center. As I’m watching and pulling pants on and getting ready to leave, the second one hit, and we knew. No accident. Terrorism. 

I was driving to work, not even sure if I should be going, when there was screaming on the radio and I pulled my cell to call Pam. “Did they just hit the Pentagon?” I asked, dumbstruck. People were pulling over onto the side of the highway. Got to SCORE, and think it was Erasmo, had pulled out this little TV set we had in the building. Terrible reception, but we were crowded around it, trying to catch the updates on the local news. Pennsylvania, too. 

No, I’ll never forget. That’s the world radicals want. The world terrorists want. The world people who want to rip apart a country want. People you see living like they’re barely out of the 1500s. Societies who treat women like property and view the LGBT community as deserving of death. People who don’t know success or progress, who despise equality…and want to bring that here. 

No, I’ll never forget, and I’ll die before I give in to that kind of hatred and fascism. Me? I don’t see any difference between taking down buildings with planes and taking down cities with riots and arson. 


Battery Park City and the former Twin Towers at the World Trade Center NYC
Battery Park City and the former Twin Towers at the World Trade Center NYC – Source: Wikipedia, public domain

Back to the Pot

No, despite the lack of anything resembling a social life these days, I haven’t yet resorted to that. I’m still perhaps the squarest guy on the planet, and admittedly, thought someone was talking about cash when he offered to trade “Some green,” for tee shirts back in the comic book days. (True story.) Instead…

Welcome to the newest member of the arboreal family, an as-yet unnamed Key Lime tree that, according to multiple YouTube garden experts with a following, should actually fruit in a couple of years. Which, unlike other fruiting trees that would probably drive me crazy (I do not need a front yard full of rotting mangos or oranges), we’d be able to take advantage of.

Key Lime tree - a baby planted in a large pot.

Not that lime juice is terribly expensive, but…if I get this thing in shape and it starts fruiting the way other gardeners have shown with minimal effort? Yeah, be nice to be able to squeeze a bunch and have truly fresh lime juice for mixing with cherry flavor for the SodaStream.

Plus, another tree? More leaves? Just means that much more air cleansing going on here at Beagleville Manor. 

Supposedly, Florida will offer year-round lime production, and even though Key limes aren’t as big as ordinary limes  when ripe…they’ll be free freaking limes. No chemicals in the ground, no pesticides, natural fertilizer from scraps (and various foods Pam’s let spoil in the fridge…or on the counter. Ugh.). Yeah, I’ll take whatever comes. Well, not so much the thorns, that’ll be a bitch, but should do all right if I can get it to about 6 feet tall and just keep feeding the soil naturally.

I don’t mind having to drop an occasional bit of concentrated organic fertilizer (it’s saved the bamboo tree twice now), but the bigger up side is simply the lack of chemicals. Whatever we may get out of the fruit? I’ll be happy. It’s better’n nothing. Once he settles in, there should be a decent amount of growth to post pics of, so there’ll be updates in the not-too-distant future.

What about you guys? Anyone got new plantings going? Feel free to share pics, I’ll get Pam to describe ‘em to me.