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Who’s Hotter?

Lead singer Josh Hoffman (pictured with mic), who appears in the short we’re currently working on, The Believers, invited yours truly to join SWFL rockers The Crank UPS on stage at BackStreets Sports Bar recently, and here’s one of the videos we shot. (Yes, I’m the very attractive, slender fellow hidden beneath the Yeti Van Halen costume). Not *quite* MTV 1988 (I think they still played videos back then), but as close as we could get in a crowded bar. Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Camera: Jonathan Brooks)

Canon Fodder

That’s my guitar buddy, Matt Michels, on the drums, yours truly playing the Les Paul. Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In the Free World” when Pam snapped this pic. Not that we’re planning on working Neil into the new film project, rather, a still from the Canon DSLR we picked up to shoot it. Pam currently has it in upstate New York, testing it out and snapping some pics for a haunted house flick I’d like to do after the current short is wrapped.

I’d heard a lot about shooting with a DSLR (the whole series Dexter was shot on a Nikon 800, if I remember right), and the results have gotten raves. We didn’t go for the Mark II D5 or Mark V D2 or whatever was the darling of indie filmmakers a couple of years ago, but we did pretty good, especially considering the price. (Thank goodness for pawn shops). From what Pam tells me, even if it’s not obvious in this shot, getting shallow depth of field is no problem, the quality of the video is way more than we need even for full-theatrical festival screenings, and she hasn’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible with this thing. We’re lining up shots for a new short now, doing some casting/re-casting, and hopefully we’ll have some clips and stills to show off shortly, so check back soon.