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The Hunt Begins

Been reaching out to artists, some I’ve known for a while, some I’ve just recently become acquainted with. Pretty good mix, according to the descriptions Pam’s given me. So far, and assuming all goes well, I’m 2-for-4. Not a bad average when you consider cons and peoples’ work schedules, day-jobbing and all that.

At present, not going to start hyping anything or making announcements. Last thing I need is to put guys/gals on the spot and then have to shift gears if anyone can’t be involved. Always sucks when that happens, and given how long I’ve been at this, it’s happened a lot. Usually it’s no one’s fault. People get sick. They get a better gig and have to reschedule (happened to me on a project I did with Bernie, when he got an offer to work on a movie shoot. Gig like that? I totally understand. Hell, I’d back out on me, too!)

That said, one of the projects is the Fright Unseen Extreme Pack. I’ve got 6 really cool splash-illos on the slate to support a story I think will really creep people out. It’s body-horror, it’s all kinds of grim, and one of my most trusted inner-circle friends/beta-readers/critics says it’s the best thing I’ve ever shown him. Can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get that response.

The other piece is a possible cover, possible support-illo for a solo-release. Still undecided. There’s an occasion coming up (a pair of ‘em, actually), and I’ve been wanting to package these two stories together, and this may finally allow me the opp to make that happen. As with the Extreme Pack, this is an artist you’ll know by name, especially if you’re into horror. 

As for the turn-downs. Completely schedule-related, wasn’t like anyone just shrieked, “You?! You’re an asshole!” or anything like that. Simply too busy at the moment, so hopefully, somewhere down the road? Timing’ll work in my favor. ‘Cause, really…if they think I’m not gonna contact them again? Well, they’re crazy. 

I don’t mind. Love hearing friends and new-contacts are this busy. Kickstarters, deadlines for other publishers, indie film work…says to me the business is just fine, and when the con scene does get back to full-time, a whole lot of creators are going to be making coin again.

Can’t wait…and looking FWD to being part of the transactions.

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