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Kickstarter Fulfillment Begins!

Joe signing The Weeping

Started signing the books, and the first few packs’ll be en route to backers as soon as we have mailing addresses. 

Joe signing Double Feature

Been a long time since I had to sign this much stuff. I’m thinking the Ltd Ed copies of The Bunker when we released the DVD. Y’know—the DVD that naysayers said I would never get a distributor to put out. In case you were wonderin’… #TheyWereWrong

Joe signing The Lost Girl

Threw on some goth/darkwave, got set up, Pam started laying down stacks of chapbooks, and just like an old Fred Greenberg con from the ‘90s, running Sharpies dry got underway. 

Joe signing The Weeping

Haven’t done a show like that in a while. In fact, my last coupla events were all film festivals. Few with lots of signing, but still—piles of books? Yeah, that took some getting used to. And…whetted the appetite. If you run a con in Florida or have a store and want to set something up, just get in touch.

If you backed the Kickstarter, thanks again. If not, we still have some of the top tier pckgs, which include the limited edition goodies, so if you want in on that before they’re gone, click HERE.

Also, if you want to share a pic of your Launch Pack when you get it, a selfie of you with some of the contents, we’d love to share those. Reviews on any horror site, your blog, or a shared link back here is always appreciated as well. 

All righty, back to the smell of black and silver ink. In the words of Captain Rex Kramer, “Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing markers…”

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