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Cover to Sick 'N Twisted

June 5th can’t get here fast enough. Doing my first comic con in over 10 years, and premiering SICK ‘N TWISTED #1 at Lake Collect-A-Con. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but if you ever wondered what Cry For Dawn X could have been? Now you have the chance to find out. Interiors by Will Pleydon, Jason Moser, Randy Zimmerman & others. Covers by Evil Ernie’s Andrew Mangum & Gene Jimenez, Mike Koneful and RC Young. 32 pages of story & art. NO ADS. Hopefully I’ll catch you in person in Leesburg, FL at the show, but if not, there’ll be a Kickstarter coming with all sorts of kick-ass goodies and even if you miss that, you can ask your local shop owner to get in touch. 30+ years, still offering distribution rate to retailers and signing copies at no addl charge. Gimme a hand making this one sell out!

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