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Chill in the Air

Cover to Winterlands

Sure, it’s everyone’s fave month, but even down here in sunny Fla, there’s been a noticeable change. Cold water from the tap in the morning. Little less kiln-ish when you get into the car during the day. And so, perfect timing to add a new product to the store, if only in limited quantity.

I worked on Hunt The Winterlands despite serious concerns. First, I’m a horror guy. Fantasy isn’t my playground, and I know far too many talented scribes who do incredible work there. Plus, the parameters were, quite frankly, daunting. Picture a winterbound continent where *nothing* grows. But yet, there’s still life. Not a whole lot of building blocks for a compelling story, y’know?

That said, I found an angle to exploit, did a bit of narrowly-framed world-building, and the end result was The Lost City (and some pretty nice compliments from folks who read the collection, put together by fellow author Alex Ness).

You can order starting today, I expect to be shipping by Wed or Thurs (Oct. 6/7th), and copies are available signed. Think Mr. Editor’s John Hancock’ll be on there, too.

More products a comin’, especially for you fans of the classics and oldies, stop back in soon!

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