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Canon Fodder

While I understand the COVID concerns, doesn’t mean I’m not pushing to get back to filmmaking. We’ve gotten a decent Canon DSLR, we’ve got a couple of shorts we’re considering, and even some book trailer/web ad possibilities. What I want to do first, though, is really test this thing out, grab a couple of lenses (kit lens may be too slow for some shots we’ll need), and start putting footage in the e-can. 

Obviously, for a good trailer, I would want a few different locations, things to really support the stories being promoted, and of course…actors. Might be a bit tough with the Fright Unseen Launch Pack, which is currently what I’m hyping most, but still, the key is figuring out exactly where we stand equipmentwise. I’m thinking a tamron zoom f2.8 would be a nice snag, thanks to Matt Jaissle,  director of Detroit Driller Killer, which he speaks highly of, and maybe the Sigma 17-50, which I’ve seen touted by a number of other indie filmmakers who’ve gotten distribution. 

Joe holding his black cat, Midnight
Joe playing with Lorelaine, a black-haired puppy.
Comparison of Canon wildlife shot and iPhone wildlife shot—more about wildlife in an upcoming blog.

That’s what’s happening at the moment. Of course, other possibilities include me trying to huckster another musician buddy to invite me up on stage—sans-Yeti-costume—and shoot that, clips for a proof-of-concept reel for one of the numerous screenplays I’ve got that’re ready-to-go, who knows? Whatever we can get enough people to shoot, seeing as I mentioned up top, concerns remain about C19 and gathering in groups. Soon as we get some more footage, though, I’ll be posting it.

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