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A Warm, Bandagey Welcome…

A woman is scared by a mummy reaching out of a casket.

Rodney Fyke and I crossed paths back in ‘the day’—when I was still runnin’ around doing shows like Motor City Con, Chicago Comic Con, ComicFest and others. Even without drugs and alcohol, those years are largely a blur because while a lot of things stand out, I was the only driver. Meaning, if we needed to travel 18 hours one-way to do a show? All me. I put something like 70K miles on my new Ford in the early-‘90s in a 12-month span, all while writing dozens of horror stories, handling the entire business end, and being at a con 48 out of 52 weekends (1992). 

Rodney and I reconnected online recently. He’s been doing projects ever since, he remembers what it was like when Outlaw Publishing was a badge of honor, and he’s got a number of his own projects going for Hazzum Productions. So, why not throw a spot illo his way and check off another WORKED WITH: box from the old days?

And so, here it is. MONSTROUS is a 2-story-chapbook I’m hustling to get out (reasons to be discussed in an upcoming blog). Rodney and I were going over some possibilities, Pam gave me a good run-down of his style and where in an old ish of Cry For Dawn or Zacherley’s Midnight Terrors he’d’ve fit in, and boom—I pulled the trigger. You can decide for yourself, but according to Pam, green-lighting this? I done good.

Should have a pre-order pg up for MONSTROUS prior to Halloween, though our target is November 1. Please give Rodney a warm welcome to the Fright Unseen/Sight Unseen folds. Er, fold!

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