Where’d everything go?

Not to worry, whatever you’ve noticed that isn’t present at the moment will
be restored shortly. We’re doing some back-end site clean-up, revamping the
blog archives, and getting things ready for soon-to-come announcements and

What announcements and upgrades? you ask. Well, one of them will be the
announcement concerning the distribution deal for The Bunker. I did an
interview on Friday with a film magazine reporter, and since one of the
topics we tackled in the piece was the deal, upcoming festival appearances,
and our plans for my next feature, well, they’ll appear in the article
first, then there’ll be a follow-up press release. But of course, we’ll be
announcing it here, as well, so we’re prepping for that, getting graphics
ready, proofing the PR, readying the media kit, etc.

We’re also installing a video player that will allow you to view our
videos–including Sight Unseen INSIDER, The Bunker movie trailer (featuring
music by The Cruxshadows), and my various wacky vids, such as the one in
which I sword fight, or bull ride-right here on the site, through our own

What else? Since I know you were about to ask, we’ll also be putting up
updates once we get the Bunker reshoot scheduled; posting new clips from the
completed film (featuring Robert Feigenblatt’s kick-ass new score), and

But…all that stuff requires testing, server space, new software, you know
the drill. So, be patient. Blog archives will be back up shortly, new pics,
new videos, and much more as we begin filling in the gaps.

Finally, my distributor and publicist are working on a site devoted entirely
to The Bunker. I’ll be pointing you over there as soon as the site goes
live, so check back regularly.

* * * * * * * * * *

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