The horror! The Latin Horror!

So, proof positive I haven’t abandoned the blog, just been so swamped under
that the blog fell not just to the back burner, but entirely off the stove.

Been shooting a lot of music video stuff, and working with a band and a solo
musician on two songs for an upcoming project. Not being a musician (I
played the cello in HS, but that was about the last time I picked up an
instrument with any level of competence), that’s been alternately thrilling
and frustrating, but great progress is being made.

As for the horror. On the video shoot a couple of weeks ago, we dragged out
my casket (yep, it’s a real authentic post-mortem 1 room apartment), and
shot a little anniversary shout out for the fine folks at
You can check it out here:

Very happy to contribute to the anniversary well-wishes, and to do something
creative in just 20 seconds. The whole run of videos will be shown prior to
the Anthology Film Archive event next week in New York City, so if you’re
gonna be there, you can wait. If not? Click the link and let the guys at LH
know you dig it.

Big announcement coming in the next day or two, been finalizing arrangements
for the past few weeks. Keep checkin’ in, I’m chompin’ at the bit about this

* * * * * * * * * *

Currently listening to: Diffuzion – Dbd (While You Can)

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