‘Short’ notice

The printer’s spooling pages of the new script, and the smell of hot toner
is in the air. Ahhh…

I’ve had this script for a short sitting in a drawer forever, and now that
The Bunker should be wrapped up by the middle of February, I e-pulled it out
and virtually dusted it off, bringing it up to date and polishing it. Needed
to make some changes, but it’s still the same story, mostly the same
dialogue and I even found a way to squeeze in another effects shot or two
(which oughta make the Fango and Rue Morgue readers happy).

I’ve already confirmed an award-winning F/X artist for the project, and plan
to talk to two actors who expressed interest in it when I first brought up
the possibility of doing a short last summer. Going to try and hand-deliver
one script tomorrow if a friend is around, and the other’s going in the
mail. Fortunately, that actress is in-state, so she should have it by
Monday and be able to give it a look-see during the week.

And that’s what’s happenin’ on this end. Got another freelance in the
pipeline, and been putting in 10+ hours at the keyboard per day for the past
five or six days now, so eager to get back to the creative stuff. Probably
do some more bloggin’ over the next couple of days, as it looks like The
Bunker reshoot is coming together, and I should be able to lock down dates
and travel plans soon. More on that when it’s firmed up.

Enjoy your weekends!

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