Was out and about today with Robert, scouting some storefronts and locations
for an upcoming video shoot. Going to be working with a local musician and
some theatre actors, and eager to get rolling with it. Project has a strong
thriller/horror angle (which is one of the big reasons I want to do it),
plus some other things going for it I don’t feel like getting into right
now. I’m concentrating on moving into full pre-prod on it, locking down the
casting (shouldn’t be too tough there, not a whole lot of roles), and
finalizing a main location. Hence, the storefront hoppin’ this morning.

Last time Pam was in Miami, she collected my compound mitersaw from Julio,
who’d been hanging onto it, and I plan to be putting it to use with my
brother in law once we get to set building. . Overall, I don’t think the
shoot ought to be that complicated, but who knows? Nothing’s ever as you
expect it to be once you get the lights and cameras in place. Assuming you
*can* get them in place.

Ought to have an update this week on the status of The Bunker score CD,
being released by Howlin Wolf Records. (see previous column for link to
order). I’m thinking we may have copies in-hand before the end of the month,
and if not, by the end of the first week in May.

Russell’s working on some more film fest applications and possible speaking
engagements, both in Florida and out-of-state. Keep checking back in to see
if we’re going to be screening The Bunker in your neck of the woods in the
near future, or if I’ll be lecturing (yeah, lecturing-how funny does *that*
sound) about my directing process, how I was able to complete my first
feature film despite a number of hassles far greater than being blind, etc.
Just like the talk I gave at Gasparilla. Yup, we’re taking that show on the

Right now, I’m getting ready to polish off a freelance writing gig, want to
get this one turned in early and move on to completing the screenplay for
something else we’d like to shoot before year’s end. Could be a short,
could possibly be my next TV pilot to pitch. (‘Cause I’m sure as hell not
using my first optioned TV pilot to pitch *anything.*) Been discussing the
F/X work with a Tampa local who’s got some great creds, hoping that we can
connect on this shoot.

Final note-looks like I’ll be interviewed on Tha Jackal’s Head radio program
on the Soup Media Network next Saturday night. I should have direct links to
the broadcast later this week, check back in for details. Saturday night,
April 23rd, 10:30 p.m. EST. Not sure how long I’ll be on, or if we’ll be
taking live calls, but will know before week’s end, promise!

Okay, that’s it. Break time’s over. Bloggin’s fun…payin’ work’s a

* * * * * * * * * *

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