Ring the bells, baby!

Only a few hours left in 2010, and I’m more excited about a new year comin’
than I’ve been in a long time. My film’s about done, I’ve got foreign and
domestic distribution in place, our recent Kickstarter project was
successful (special thanks to the folks at KS for their help
behind-the-scenes), and things’re looking up on every front. Freelancing’s
going pretty good, I’ve been working with a bunch of musicians and bands and
film folk who’ve really done a lot to help me improve both my movie, and my
chances for getting another one financed and rolling going forward.

In short, things have been kick-ass the past few months, and while everyone
always touts new beginnings in terms of the new year, I’m appreciating what
made the end of 2010 so damned good. I’m looking forward to carrying those
new relationships and some overdue breaks into 2011.

To everyone reading (well, almost everyone), enjoy a safe and happy New
Year, and enjoy my best wishes for you and yours in the coming 365.

–Joe Monks


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