Depending on where you check out my blatherings, you’ll probably be noticing some renovations going on at some of the sites. This week? It’ll primarily be happening at my official site:

The upgrade’s long overdue, we’re going to be changing things around, updating the design, some other spiffy web doohickies to go along with it. After that I intend to revisit the site and then we’re going to be working on some new content for several sites, while I’m working on getting the next film project rolling.

So, if you drop in at one of the sites and things are, er…chaotic, that’s why. Be patient with us over the next coupla days, very few of the changes will interfere with surfin’ the sites for very long.

Enjoy your Wednesday. I’m headin’ out the door for a blood draw and doctor’s appointment, then McDonald’s. (One out of three ain’t bad).
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