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The Gasparilla International Film Festival opens tomorrow (Thursday as I
write this), and at the moment, I’m in between packing up my tech stuff and
clothing for the ride up to Tampa. If you’re going to be in the Tampa/St.
Pete vicinity over the weekend, drop in and say hi. My presentation will be
held on Sunday, at the Reeves Theatre on the University of Tampa campus, at
2 p.m. (Yes-we got the bigger venue!)

M. Emmit Walsh is a guest of honor, Tom Berenger (PLATOON), Armand Assante,
and a bunch of other folks you’d probably get a kick out of seeing will be
there. Everyday Sunshine (the Fishbone documentary) will be screening, the
aforementioned PLATOON, lots of talks and panels-in other words, a
guaranteed good time for movie fans, particularly those who dig indie

We’re definitely going to have some fun at my discussion, I’ll be showing
clips, the official trailer, some other video, and there’ll be plenty of
time for Q&A. And, if you’re a comic fan, feel free to bring anything I
worked on to get signed.

Well, that’s it. Time’s up. Clothes’re ready to go in my duffelll, dress
shirts and such are pressed and hanging in a garment bag, my extra
headphones need to get wrapped up along with my various chargers and cords,
you know the drill. Traveling, even just to Tampa, means packing more than I’ll
ever get to use.

Hope to catch you at the festival. If you need info on getting tix,
directions, etc., find it at:

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