Next INSIDER’s in the works

Been a while since we had time to shoot something, but Pam and I carved out
a bit tonight and knocked out the new INSIDER. She’s capturing the footage
now, should be ready for upload sometime tomorrow.

We’re making the next announcement concerning The Bunker, after I finished
up the song licensing deal earlier this week. We’ve been going around and
around on this one since late last year, but it’s totally been worth it.
Took me a lot longer to chase down the rights to Deception, by Billboard
chart-toppers The Cruxshadows, so this one hardly seems like it took any
time at all. (Well, not quite. I’m impatient, but this is one of my favorite
labels, so I’m now content.)

Check back Thursday, probably late afternoon/ evening EST for the early
announcement, PR to follow on Friday.

And, on a related note. We’re talking with a pair of independent/art house
theatres here in Florida about doing Bunker screenings in October &
November. Got a theatre that isn’t devoting 6 screens to X-Men First Class
and the rest to the latest Pirates sequel? Get in touch, we’re looking to do
several special events when the jack-o-lanterns are around, and we’d be
happy to accomodate Q&A session requests. For info on booking The Bunker and
the world’s first blind feature film director at your venue, please contact:

Tracie Donahue, Publicist:

or Russell Hess at Commodity Films:

* * * * * * * * * *

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