New Year Picks Up Where the Old One Left Off…

Which is all good. For my film’s growing list of supporting producers &
Kickstarter pledgees, here’s the latest update regarding The Bunker.

Spent the first couple hundred bucks of the funds raised on fixing sound
issues. I mean really fixing them, not simply covering up bad audio with
ridiculous nature sounds or making the background music louder, garbage
shortcuts like that. We did several ADR sessions, we reworked some foley, we
got some new sound F/X recorded specifically for one scene, etc. Three days
of work, long hours, but great results. Wouldn’t have been possible without
the money we raised at the end of 2010, so thanks again, folks.

Next was fully updating the credits. Since screeners began going out to
interested distributors last year, a bunch of folks have come on board. A
new composer. Two new voiceover actors. A sound engineer. Several new bands,
including The Cruxshadows. So the old credits have been junked. and, the new
ones will be a heck of a lot nicer, not the garish, blocky, bad ’70s looking
creds that were stuck to my film like bubblegum on the sole of your sneaker
on a hot day. The new creds’ll have some style, and not remind anyone of the
old Wonder Woman TV show.

We’ve decided to rework a prop for a close-up which we’ll be shooting up in
New York shortly, and I was on the blower today with the still photographer
who’s taking care of what we need to pull that off. My graphic designer,
Mabel, has already laid out the prop template, and just like the work she
did on our faux newspapers (which are virtual replicas of the NY dailies),
the work she did on this was top-notch. In much the same way the sound mix
does (cell phone calls sounding like cell phone calls, car stereos having
the slightly tinny sound of a car radio through glass, the bass-heavy thrum
of dance club music pounding through brick walls), it’s little things like
what Mabel’s done with the newspaper clippings, IDs, badges, etc., that
really make a difference. Production value you might not necessarily take
notice of, but which really keeps you wrapped up in the story, not turning
to your buddy or girlfriend and saying, “Did you see that? That looked like
crap. They couldn’t even fake a Want Ad?”

There’s good news coming out of my distributor about our first 2011 film
festival. And, it isn’t the only fest the company’s going after, either.
That list is growing, and I’m pretty jazzed about the pedigree of the fests
being discussed.

Now, it’s just a matter of getting out of town to do the bit of shooting we
have left, and then I can hand off the video to our post production house,
and the audio to my new sound engineer, whose latest film, Zombie Driftwood,
recently screened offshore in the Bahamas. Not sure on release dates for it
here in the ‘States, but check it out when it hits NetFlix, the concept’s
quite amusing.

There’s more, but this is what I can talk about now. Should be able to give
details concerning the company I’ve hired to handle the music licensing, add
another band to our list of signed acts providing songs for the flick,
update the full cast & crew credits, etc., soon. I’m lookin’ forward to

Enuff for now. Hit me up with a follow on Twitter for quickie news about the
film, as well as the various flotsam and jetsam I comment about. Find me at:

And check back here regularly. I don’t blog every day, but there’s lots
going on, so I’m gonna try and be more proactive in yakking about it all.

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