I’m going on 22 and a half hours straight, but hadda sit down before
shutting off the computer to put out a quick update. Eric and I worked our
asses off today, and locked the edit on The Bunker, my first feature film,
about ten minutes ago. L-o-o-o-n-g day, but unbelievably productive.

Working with stage actor Robert Feigenblatt on his voiceover role for The Bunker.

Robert came over around 5, knocked out his voiceover in three takes. Thing
fit into the final scene in the film seamlessly. We even got to work in a
product placement, which was way cool. Eric was a cuttin’ fiend, doing both
sound and picture, and the footage we shot two weeks ago in Los Angeles
required some careful editing, but save for some color correction that’ll be
handled by Skrubahl, Inc. when Adam puts on the film look, the new shots
work perfectly with the existing footage. Shout outs to R-Dogg and Jim
Powers for helping make that a reality.

And, the track I just secured from an Atlanta-based punk band (with a
well-known lead singer, announcement coming soon about that signing),
dropped into the opening scene like it was written specifically for the
movie. It blows away the Tattooed Millionaires song we ditched
way-back-when, and both lyrically and musically, it fit like a glove. I am
so glad I stumbled across these guys, and was able to get in touch with them
about their music. Definitely, an upgrade.

We’re still gonna tweak the credits roll, and then Eric’s doing the final
sound mix, but locking the edit is like throwing a 400 lb gorilla off my
back. My distributor’s gonna be thrilled when I give him the good news
tomorrow-that he can begin banging out the media kit and more film festival
packages. He and Tracie, our publicist, have targeted some high-profile
fests. Not sure if we’ll get into any, but the push is on in a big way. Will
post about possible festival screenings when the info becomes available.

All right, that’s it for me. Still gotta get up early and hit it hard, see
if we can’t get Eric on the road by the afternoon for a shoot he’s been
hired for for Monday. When you work with top-notch people, they’re always in

Keep checkin’ in for news about what’s happening, and thanks again to
shoppers who’ve been buying from our online store and those who supported us
via Kickstarter. You guys put us over the hump, and I appreciate it greatly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Currently listening to: Keelhauled by Alestorm

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