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Hey gang-the new Sight Unseen INSIDER is up (yeah, yeah, I know, about
time). In it, I cover the recent trip to Los Angeles to get the necessary
footage reshot to complete The Bunker, my casting choices, the elimination
of a wraparound sequence in favor of one (reasonably) linear storyline, and
who’s now handling the film look and various post-production details. I’ve
got an award-winning filmmaker handling the final sound mix and engineering,
a post house that’s also taken home some hardware at award ceremonies for
their creative work, my composer is putting the finishing touches on the
last ninety seconds of score to round out the flick, and then it’s into the
hands of my distributor and off to several festivals-both foreign and

Thanks to all the folks who pledged and helped out via Kickstarter, or who’ve
been buying our merch from the online store. This, folks, is what your money’s
been going to, and trust me, every penny’s being well-spent. Check out the
latest Sight Unseen INSIDER here:

More announcements comin’!

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