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Okay, no, the photo shoot wasn’t that bad. In fact, largely thanks to
knowing what to expect, it wasn’t bad at all. Good tuneage on the sound
system at CSE, an expert photog on the lens, and fast recycling equipment
enabled us to knock out everything we needed in less than four hours.

While we (of course) didn’t need the extra shirts we bought or all the stuff
we lugged up to Tampa, we still got a helluva lot acomplished without me
walking face first into a hot umbrella, so that was a good thing. We got all
the shots we wanted for the media kits and film festival packages, which was
the goal, and I did a little biz with Russ after the shoot over dinner,
before we headed back home.

Now, the ball’s in Tracie’s court (our publicist). The folders should be
back from the printer this week, several festival packages will be going
out, and an announcement is forthcoming about a fest I’ll be attending.
Things’re movin’ right along, which is what I’ve been hoping for ever since
scheduling the final reshoot necessary to wrap The Bunker. Thursday, I have
a call set up with Metropolis Records, about another one of their bands
whose music I’d like to use in the film. When Eric returns from Cinequest
(an Oscar-qualifying fest where his latest film, The Dive, has two
screenings), we’ll have the final sound mix in place and then the whole
shebang goes over to Adam for the credits and film look. My distrib’s very
happy about how fast progress has gone. While we haven’t set a drop date for
The Bunker, by the end of March we’ll be able to jump on any opportunity
that presents itself. I’d love a Fall release, you know, right around
Halloween? but we’ll see what offers us the best options.

And now? What else. Back to work, of course.

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