It’s all about the weekend…

When, if all goes well, we should pretty much wrap up The Bunker festival
cut. Sure, the film look is yet to come and Eric will be taking back a drive
with him to polish the final sound mix, but those things are entirely out of
my hands. I’m also still waiting on word from Metropolis Records about song
licensing for a track by one of their bands, but even if I can’t get the
song I want, I have several others to choose from, and will have more next
week through one of my distributor’s contacts.

Meeting with Tuna and Knuckles, dogs not-quite-ready for still photography.

So, this weekend is pretty simple stuff. Eric’s going to be editing in the
footage we shot two weeks back in Los Angeles at Jim Powers’ place, which
will transform the original wraparound sequence-which was something totally
unrelated-into part of the main story. The whole sequence has been
transformed with the new material, all the plot devices have been altered to
fit in with the original Bunker screenplay (which didn’t have a wraparound
when I first began working on the film), and I’ve replaced the music. The
new story now wraps up the feature with a nice, neat bow.

I was happy to get the chance to work with Adam and Charles and Ms.
Veronique again, those guys are true pros. And, getting to meet up with Jim
(whose work I knew from my previous gig), R Dog and Molly was a blast. Sure,
we shot for a couple hours longer than we’d planned, got a bit of a late
start, but…it’s moviemaking. When does *anything* ever go off on time?
Thanks to those guys for stepping up and really making the reshoot as
painless as possible. Believe me, I’d been toying with options that ran the
gamut from writing an entirely new framing sequence, to inserting additional
scenes with other actors, to simply dumping the wraparound and adding a
short and selling the pair together on a self-distributed disc.

But The Bunker had too much going for it. Once we got rid of the crap sound
design and film look, I still had a film with a lot of potential, which had
gotten exceptional reviews. I had solid performances. I simply needed to
figure out a way to make what I had work. That still required shooting
additional material, but it was a lot less daunting than the alternatives I’d

This weekend? I’m hoping that as the last few pieces fall into place, I can
finally breathe a sigh of relief, hand it off to Eric and Adam and Charles
for sound and film look, and move on to what’s next.

What’s next for The Bunker is film festival screenings and distribution,
both foreign and domestic. What’s next for me as a director? Well, you’ll
have to keep checkin’ back for updates on that.

* * * * * * * * * *

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