Time for negotiating

Well, it’s here. Long time comin’, but we’re now going back and forth with
companies over foreign rights to The Bunker. Of course, this isn’t the part
I’ve been looking forward to, but it’s the last step in getting the film
released internationally.

Russell’s been talking with the interested companies, making notes about
each offer, etc. Lots of stuff we like, some things’re a little iffy, and
there’s a few items we don’t. Me? So far, I don’t think there’s been any
surprises. Foreign distribs may want a title change. Always knew that was
possible, doesn’t really bug me. Maybe some work to be done on the
performance clauses. Not really my thing, so I’ve weighed in, it’ll be up to
those guys to work that part out. Still a lot of questions on the
deliverables, but at least there, it doesn’t look like anything that’s going
to be too tough to nail down quickly. Current expected delivery date? Feb.
15. Could mean I dump one song, or maybe not. Will depend on what happens
between the band and yours truly over the next 2 weeks.

It’s early in the process, but I don’t think we’re going to have too many
problems getting a deal hammered out by year’s end, which has been our goal
since AFM. With The Bunker finally out of the way, time to get working on
the next project, which I’ve already started on. I feel pretty sure folks
who are long-timers (and I’m talking-back to the comic book days) will get a
kick out of it. More details coming soon, maybe around mid-January. After
the holidays.

Which are absolutely *torturing* my inner-workaholic…

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