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Okay, so I got hooked up with the folks running a big zombie con taking
place down here in Fort Myers in October. The folks behind it have been
breaking records annually for the past few years, gathering the most zombies
(we’re talking living dead, not politicians) in one place, here where the
godfather of the genre, George Romero, shot Day of the Dead. (A personal
fave of mine).

This put the idea in my head to collect a bunch of my zombie fiction and do
an e-book, and maybe even some print-on-demand copies. After all, no one’s
going to let me use a Sharpie on their Kindle screen, and folks enjoy
getting things signed by the creator at conventions. Anyway, Pam dug up some
of the old files from my first horror anthology, Stuff Outa My Head, so I
could go through it, do some editing, and update the story as necessary for
the new book.

Man, what a freaking disaster. I don’t want to make excuses, but I wrote
this story roughly eight weeks after going blind. I didn’t know how to
touch-type, I was writing it in Wordpad (the basic text program that comes
with every PC), and I had no clue how to use the command keys. I couldn’t do
a search, I couldn’t do a spellcheck, I couldn’t really do much besides a
very cursory edit, because the story didn’t have obvious line breaks, the
TAB feature wasn’t set, and essentially, one line ran into another into
another the way my screenreader (a brand new program I was unfamiliar with)
was configured.

But I needed to do something. I couldn’t just sit around all day, listening
to books on tape. What I needed to do was write, and so that’s what I did.

I just didn’t write anything I could read or edit myself. Hence, the

We brought somebody in who supposedly had the skills and experience to do
the job. Boy, were we wrong on that count. This story is an embarrassment,
quite frankly, despite the very positive reviews the book got overall. But,
reading through it now? Holy crap do I wish I’d waited to learn the ins and
outs of the software and gotten a copy of WORD so I could handle what I’ve
been doing the past 3 days.

The story? Basically, the tale itself is fine. The down side to that is, a
decent story is where you start, not finish. This tale was as unfinished as
a pile of freshly sawed wood, destined to become a piece of furniture.’s getting there. And, so are some of the other stories from that
antho. I plan to re-release a much-improved version before year’s end, as
well as the zombie anthology. (And yes, the crappy STUFF cover that was
changed without my knowledge is being changed back to what it was supposed
to be, but if you’re not familiar with that story, it’s one for another

Be on the lookout for a pretty good blitz of fiction starting later this
summer with the release of my novel, Torn to Pieces, and a slew of horror
material following rapidly on its heels. And, hell, if you really want me to
sign your Kindle, just ask. 🙂

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