Day of not-quite-rest

Well, finally took the fight out of this wicked head cold, and just in time.
Will be at my folks’ place today, rooting on the Giants and hoping to see
them hoist another Lombardi trophy. Sure didn’t expect them to be playing
for the whole enchilada after a sub-par 9-7 season (in which it
seemed-rightfully so-that Tom Coughlin was coaching for his job every week),
but sometimes, you just get hot at exactly the right moment. So, here’s
hoping for a 2007 repeat.

If not, it won’t be so bad. I like the Patriots well enough, and I’ve always
thought Tom Brady played to win more than Peyton Manning, who Brady is often
compared to in terms of all-time greats. Manning, IMO, has always played for
glossy stats, and I think it cost him a playoff game the night after Brady
and the Pats won in an epic passfest, and Manning went out to try and put up
matching numbers, with a pass-at-all-costs mindset, and it backfired. So,
either li’l brother Eli gets his 2nd ring (one more than Peyton, despite all
those great Colts teams and him having a ton more playoff starts), or Brady
gets a fourth, which Peyton will likely never match. And, of course, one of
the best things about this Super Bowl? It’s Rex Ryan free! 😀

Enjoy the game. I don’t take many days off, but Super Bowl Sunday is always
one of ’em, usually for good reason. If tomorrow ends like the 2007 SB did?
It’ll be for great reason.


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