A brief scare

And luckily, not much of one. Still, gave us a moment or two of concern this

Had to go over to my parents’ today, celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. It’d
been put off from last week ’cause her kids were sick, and since I was out
of town for most of the week, it came down to today to get us all together.

So, this morning, I’m trying to wrap up some final stuff from the reshoot.
Organizing some paperwork, shelving the props, unpacking the final few items
from my laptop and camera case, etc. After removing all my tape stock, my
various chargers and flotsam, I discover that the actual mini DV tape isn’t
where I expected it to be. I’m talking *the* key tape from the reshoot. The
main footage.

The good thing, I reminded myself as I scoured my laptop bag, (in case it’d
gotten stuck in there instead)-was that after we shot the footage on
Tuesday, I had the good sense to have the tape captured, so that Eric and I
weren’t transporting the only copy with us. In the event anything went
wrong, baggage got lost or destroyed, whatever, it made sense for us to dump
the tape to a drive before headin’ home.

Things turned out fine, however. Stuffed between foam layers in the camera
case-literally the last possible option for it to have been-was the tape.
Well-protected, in fine shape. Eric and I had a good chuckle over that,
having spoken earlier in the day about when he’d be coming out to do the
editing necessary to insert the footage into the final cut.

So, all ended well. But it did remind me that sometimes (more often than not
I’d say), it pays to be a bit of a megalomaniac. I pay attention to detail
to the point of being anal about it. But it’s served me well. And I think
that’ll be evident when you guys get to see the final product. We’ve done a
lot with a little, and the closer we get to release, the happier I am that I
always gave myself room to work out of a bind if necessary. Trust me…the
wiggle-room? I used every millimeter of it!

* * * * * * * * * *

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