World’s First Blind Feature Film Director Screens “The Bunker” at Fandom Fest

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Here’s part of the new PR that’s going out concerning my upcoming appearance
and screening at Fandom Fest in 2 weeks. If you’re going to be in or around
Louisville the weekend of the 22-24th, come on out and say Hi. And if you
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World’s First Blind Feature Film Director Screens “The Bunker” at Fandom Fest
Joe Monks The Bunker portrait

Tampa, Florida July 11, 2011- Horror movies have always been big business in
Hollywood, but this year there’s more to scream about with the new film,
“The Bunker.” Not only does the film offer a scintillating and original
storyline, it was written and directed by Joe Monks-the world’s first blind
feature film director. Commodity Films is sponsoring the screening and a Q &
A session with Monks during the festival, July 22-24, 2011 in Louisville,
Kentucky. CEO, Russell Hess said, “I picked up this film because Joe Monks
is an incredible person and his film “The Bunker” deserves to be seen by
everyone; especially, since Monks can’t see it himself.”

Monks’ full-length feature “The Bunker” will be screening at festivals
beginning with Fandom Fest in Louisville this July, and at other festivals
through the end of 2011. Hess said, “Monks has a great deal to be proud of.
Directing a feature film is a significant accomplishment even if you can
see. He is an inspiration to everyone who suffers with diabetes or
blindness, as well as other filmmakers. He makes it possible for others to
see they, too, can successfully overcome life’s obstacles.”

For more information about ‘The Bunker’ screenings or how you can help the
Joe Monks festival tour, please e-mail publicist Tracie Donahue:

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