Word is out-Combichrist is in (The Bunker, that is)

I’ve been waiting a while to make it official, but if you didn’t tune in to the new Sight Unseen INSIDER yesterday:



…here’s the scoop. Aggrotech/industrial stars Combichrist, Metropolis Records and I reached a deal to license their song (one of my faves), This Shit Will Fuck You Up, for use in my debut feature, The Bunker. Been working out the particulars since the end of last year, when the band released their latest album, Making Monsters, and began a world tour, supporting the heavy metal megaband Rammstein. Well, now the deal is done, the band and Metropolis were happy with the paperwork, and I’m proud to have ‘em on board.


The INSIDER has all the details, click on over and check it out.

More band announcements to come, we’re just about there with two other groups and that’ll be it for the film in terms of replacing all the original music.

Probably a screening announcement or two coming soon, as well, keep checking back for those.
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Currently listening to: Throat Full of Glass by Combichrist

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