Where’s the blog been?

Sadly, on the back burner since the recent announcement of Combichrist coming on board and providing a song (through Metropolis Records) for The Bunker.

Why? You ask? Well, earlier this month, the wife & I celebrated 7 years of marriage. So, we took a couple days off to go hit the amusement & water parks up at Busch Gardens. You can see me having a good time in the photo. And no, that isn’t Pam! (Hey, somebody hadda snap the picture, and the kangaroo didn’t want to do it.)

Joe and the kangaroo

So, I nailed down the deal with Combichrist, we ran out of town for a few days, I finished up a pitch package for a TV series, and handed that off to Russell at Commodity Films to get into the hands of the right people out in Los Angeles. Pam and I got back, suitably sunburned (to a crisp, I might add) from the time spent outdoors despite using sunblock like it was baby oil at a topless joint.

Since then it’s been one thing after another. Festival packages had to go out. Screeners needed to go to people I’ll be talking about more next week (and hopefully for several weeks to come). I knocked out some more freelances, got told my story for the Winterlands fantasy anthology was accepted, so hadda update my bio & get some new pics to the publishers.

The blog fell off my radar. Apologies for the neglect.

Plenty more to announce soon, though, maybe even something to tease later this week.

Did you know little kangaroos like to nibble your fingers?

Or maybe it’s just because I’d been eating a churro…
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