That’s exactly what I’ve been since heading out of town a couple weeks back for the Fright Night Film Festival. Great time? Sure. Fun fest? Absolutely. Ken and Myra put on one helluva festival, and I’m eager to have something new to show off for next year.

Got to see some folks I hadn’t seen in a long time, since I haven’t been up North to a Chiller show in a while. Kane Hodder was there, menacing as always, making fans happy. Spent some time with Tiffany Shepis and her hubby (and yes, finally grabbed a copy of Bonnie & Clyde versus Dracula for some home entertainment. Hooked up with director Chris Kahler, who’s currently wrapping on the official remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space (under the film’s originally-intended title, Graverobbers from Outer Space).

So, come back from the fest, where we had a kick-ass Bunker screening and Q&A, got invited to two other fests, started working on a proposal with Commodity Films’ Russell Hess for a new movie project, and began prepping here at home for some Bunker docu shooting. There was footage we needed to re-do from the original Making of… documentary, plus additional interviews to be conducted. With a new film composer on board and other aspects of the process of making the film we didn’t originally cover, I decided to flesh out the docu so it was more of a complete package. Since we’ve been talking to some potential distro partners for a wider release, that sounded to all like a good idea.

Building sets is a bitch, I don’t care if you’re blind or not. Blind slows things down even further, though, as does working with only one or two other guys—as they’re available. Still…

We were at Backstreets the other night, talking about the footage I wanted to shoot, the different backdrops I wanted, etc. Since we’re in a full-sized warehouse, we decided that it’d be very easy to recycle one set into something different, and possibly use it for something else. Knowing as many bands as I do, it didn’t take long to start talking about a music video to make all the building really worthwhile. So now that’s on the table, too, on a tight turnaround, since I only have the warehouse through the end of August. Tell you what, though. If I hit the Lotto, I’m buying the unit right next door and turning it into a film studio. This place is awesome. It’s out by the small, private airport so it’s quiet, the walls are thick enough to drown out any sound, the A/C can run 24/7 without interfering with a take, and I already mentioned it’s huge. Full loading dock with dual truck bays, two enormous spaces for sound stages. Hell, I’ll be making sure to throw a buck at this week’s prize, no doubt. Somebody’s gotta win, right?

Also, progress on the eBook is coming along, as are two new screenplays. One of them would probably be done right now if it wasn’t for the warehouse space presenting itself and having to put things aside to get festival materials out and shooting the docu stuff. I’m probably at about the 70% mark on the horror screenplay, and a little over 10% in on something more mainstream. After all, horror might be my thing, but I already have a promising urban fantasy screenplay and biker flick script in the PITCH ME drawer. I needed something more accessible to round it out.

There. That’s the update for now, since I have a ringing phone on my hip and another on my desk. My guess is, I’d better answer one of them…
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