Social Horror?

Someone asked me if I was going to get back into doing some extreme, social-issue related horror, which was something I did a lot of when I first started writing comics. I tackled poverty, abortion, corporate greed, child abuse, gang culture, you name it.

Well, now I’m going back to some of those stories, an working up new ones. Only, this time the medium is film. Next project up? One of my roughest pieces of fiction, the one which made Dread Central’s Johnny Butane say, “I would walk away from reading it and I would feel like I needed a shower….like I had been doing something I wasn’t supposed to.”

I’d been told in the past this story couldn’t be adapted for comics, much less for film. It just wouldn’t work. But, then, I was told I’d never direct a feature film, either, and I proved those naysayers wrong. So…

Back to the well I go. Yep, gonna tackle some issues. Going to bring some old and new tales to today’s audience in a series of episodic short films now that I’ve reworked Chance Meeting (that’ll see release later this year). If you dug Cry for Dawn back in the day and NightCry after it, get ready for the new comic book Sick & Twisted, which’ll be included with The Bunker DVD this Halloween. I’d like to wrap a couple of episodes of the new series this year, and see if we can’t get somebody interested in picking it up. I’ll be doing festivals and conventions, and it’s my sincere hope you guys enjoy what I’m creating. I’ve already had some folks look at the new stuff and cringe.

And in my line of work? That’s a good thing.
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