I know I’ve been talking about the music video for a while –and that’s about it. It’s been hectic, trying to get everything done with the band, with the sets we’ll be reusing for another shoot, etc. But we’ve got the footage on the drive now, and Brian, one of our still photogs, supplied us with a whole CD full of high-res images to go through, so here’s a couple of behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot.

Joe Directing
Yours truly giving DP Eric Valdes the lowdown on what I want in the next
shot. Alex Wilson is seen running docu-cam.

Alex, Eric, and Joe
“Listen, it’s simple. Alex, you fall off the catwalk and land face-first on
the concrete floor. Eric, you dolly around him in a circle Matrix-style.
What’s so tough about that?” Okay, not quite, but we did get a good take. I
was happy, at least…

Eric and Monique
Eric doing a little hand-held, stalking Monique (actress Stella Ruiz)
through a creepy warehouse.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with our makeup F/X artist to pick up some new gory goodies, and we’re going to talk about some more work I’m throwing his way for the next shoot. I’m hoping we can arrange that before Zombiecon in mid-October.

Tomorrow night, I’m hooking up with two of the band members, too, and the lead singer for another group who’s interested in getting a video shot. I caught the band a couple of weeks back in Naples, we shot some performance footage, and now I’m hoping we can start working out the details for one of their originals. Between festivals and some upcoming travel, it might be hit-and-miss, especially since they’re scheduling a bunch of gigs. Still, I think we ought to be able to make it happen.

Okay, back to the grind. Got more cast and crew to schedule. As Pam and I get to go over the raw footage and stills, we’ll be uploading more pics here and then into a Facebook gallery. Check back for links to that once it’s posted.
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