Second Chance

Been waiting to make this announcement for a while, and I’m as excited about it today as I was when my wife suggested a few months ago that I do something with Chance Meeting, the short story of mine that was turned into a rather sub-par TV pilot back in 2003, and released in North America in 2004.

Did you see it? Did you even know about it? Well, if not, no surprise there. Even the entertainment companies that bankrolled the production walked away from it after releasing it on DVD in the Asian market rather then try to broadcast it.

Well, if you let that opp pass you by, you’re now getting a second chance. A much improved Chance Meeting is soon-to-be released, and it’ll only set you back $5 bucks. There’s new sound, new music, even a new Making of… featurette, and we’re still adding more goodies to the package.

To reserve a copy (no need to cough up your Lincoln just yet), visit:

to get on the list. The reserved copies will all be signed by yours truly, composer Robert Feigenblatt, and members of the rock band PUSH, who supply two original songs for the DVD. The first run of 2,000 copies of the short film sold out pretty quick back in ’04, I’m hoping we get an even better response from you DVD-lovin’ diehards. Also, please feel free to leave a comment (the reservation form is set up for that), whether you got to see the 2004 version or not. Would love to hear what you have to say.
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